Die Cut Wedding Stationery

When it comes to planning the details of your wedding, you might not realize the huge role that wedding stationery will play. This paper element will be seen throughout the entire wedding. It’s the first glimpse into the wedding day that your guests will see as they receive their save the date or invitation in the mail months prior. It’s carried through the ceremony with programs and signage and makes it’s best appearance at the reception through the use of menus, place cards or escort cards, favour tags, stir sticks, food tags, coasters and the list goes on. There really is no end the the multiple uses of wedding day stationery. And of course it won’t go unnoticed that each piece is a part of a coordinated stationery suite. When we talk about a suite in terms of stationery, we’re referencing a package of stationery elements that are custom designed to coordinate with each piece in the suite and compliment your wedding design perfectly.

There are many, many amazing stationery options available to you these days. So many in fact, that we could probably have a months worth of posts focused solely on stationery. Today however, my favourite is the die-cut. I like a clean line and appreciate an appropriate amount of negative space in design.  I think perhaps this is why I’m drawn to the simplicity of die-cut stationery. I like that the invitation can maintain an overall clean appearance while adding a decorative element that will certainly impress your guests at their first glance. 

Here are a few examples that I’m drawn to . Remember that this can be brought throughout your stationery suite as is shown in the example of the menu below.

Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5


Of course the process of die-cutting does allow for a significant amount of intricate detailing (within a minimum size requirement.) Here is an example of just how detailed this cutting process can be.


Photo 6



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An Enchanted Forest Wedding

Happy Monday Everyone!

Fall is certainly here but I cannot stop looking at gorgeous outdoor weddings and events. So before we bid adieu to the outdoors for another season, I wanted to spend today celebrating the outdoors with some amazing outdoor wedding inspiration. Most of these photos really embrace nature and the natural colours that you might find in a forest type setting. Greens, browns and whites but in the most enchanting way  you can possibly imagine.

I absolutely love the idea of an outdoor wedding reception, of course with mother nature being the way it is, you can’t always plan on that. It’s always a recommendation to have a rain or weather back-up in place. Or if you’re not sure that you’re comfortable relying on a back-up, you might want to consider turning an indoor location into an enchanted outdoor experience; through the help of a fabulous decor team of course. There’s no room in this city that a truck load of moss, amaranthus, vines and flowers can’t change. Trust me, I’ve done it before! From tents to the Palliser’s Crystal Ballroom.

Can you imagine your special day like this?


Photo 2

9368e5806cf3c2af94e9fdcfb68b0229 a5f893fa38ad40f88c225e6a05244533 a6fdd70c71fc7c5890ef93118ebd840e photos-sean-parker-wedding.sw.60.sean-alexandra-parker-wedding-ss26


And as mentioned above, here is an idea of how you can really transition an indoor space to feel like an enchanted outdoor oasis.








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The Ghost Table…

How appropriately titled is this post for this time of year! I promise, the inspiration I present today will have nothing to do with Halloween.

For years, we have been obsessing over where we could find the newest and greatest linens for our tables. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE linens. I really do and it’s a strange thing to love as much as I do. But I’ve stumbled upon a couple of photo’s that have really gotten me keen on the idea of ditching the table linen all together.

I’m sure you’ve become familiar with ghost chairs over the past few years. But what do you think about these great tables?

If you’re loving the look as much as I am but aren’t so sure about renting clear tables for all of your wedding guests, this is also a great option for the head table. We always want the head table to stand out from the rest. Or maybe it’s a look you want to consider for a dessert and cake table.


Photo 2

Photo 3


If you’re loving this look, lighting is a definite consideration. See how in all of the photo’s the space takes on an iridescent glow? This is all dependent on the additional lighting that you’ve arranged for the space.

Here is another thought. Sticking with the idea of using no table linen, what about a painted table for the head table? In this photo we can see that while all other guest tables do have linens, the head table definitely catches your attention.


Photo 4






Photo Credits:

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An Autumn Dream

Well we have just wrapped up another great Thanksgiving weekend here in Calgary.  Since we are all just loving the fall colours that are surrounding us why not immerse ourselves in some beautiful ideas for fall weddings!

Alberta is known for many things but we all can agree that a gorgeous spring is just not one of them. Does spring even exist in Alberta? The saying “April showers bring May flowers” certainly does not apply to our beautiful province and very few people are actually being married with the lilacs in June. So here in southern Alberta, our wedding season really does extend well into the fall. People feel much more comfortable planning a wedding for October then May or June. And this means lots of fall weddings!

There are a couple ways to do a fall wedding though and it can either look gorgeous or quite frankly, tacky.  Nobody wants to see a fall wedding full of dollar store, red, orange and yellow, plastic Maple Leaves. Unfortunately, those horrible things are all over far to many weddings. And why even bother with them when real leaves are available in such abundance outside? Nothing beats an authentic, dried leaf at a fall wedding.

So just how should a fall wedding be decorated and celebrated? Well, I have here many photo examples of how fall colours (in muted tones) can be used to create the most gorgeous of autumn weddings. There’s actually a lot to think about and have fun with when it comes to an autumn wedding. You know that September morning when you walk outside and think “it smells like fall” well that’s the atmosphere we want to create. We want, nature, harvest and the scent of autumn. Have fun with autumn elements such as hot apple cider, caramel apples and pumpkins but in a way that doesn’t make your guests think of Halloween at all.

Here are some ideas:

Photo  1 Photo  7 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6 Photo 8 Photo 9 Photo 10 Photo 11 Photo 12 Photo 13 Photo 14 Photo 15 Photo 16


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Gotta Love Shoes!

We don’t really need an excuse to buy a great pair of shoes but if there’s an appropriate excuse out there it would be your wedding day!

And thinking of your wedding day, this may even be an occasion for multiple pairs of shoes right? Because really, are you going to want to dance the night away in the heels that you’ve been standing in since noon? Great quality shoes or not, those toes start to hurt after a while don’t they? Your fiance gets it, one look at those pointy heels and he gets it, you need a couple pairs. There’s no way he’d try to last in heels all day.

It’s rare but I have heard the occasional Bride say that they’re not concerned about their shoes because their dress will cover them. I know you have a long dress but please know that people WILL see your shoes and your photographer will always manage to get a shot of just your feet peeking out from under your dress. They love that shot for some reason.

Your wedding shoes aren’t like your wedding dress in the sense that you can and most likely would love to wear them again. So investing in a great pair of shoes for your wedding will not be money lost.  I always go with neutral colours becuase I was taught that a neutral or nude coloured shoe will elongate your legs (this is of course for later on when your wearing them again with a cocktail dress.) Black may not be a great wedding shoe selection unless of course black is your accent colour at the wedding. Typically a black shoe will draw the eye down and we don’t want the attention being taken away from your gown. Colours however are great and I love when a Bride purchases a wedding shoe that complements her wedding colours. 

Here are some of my favourites right now!

Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6


I’ve never been a fan of satin shoes, particularly white satin wedding shoes but I have to admit that Vera Wang has me sold on these ones…


Photo 7


Like I mentioned earlier, this is a two pair of shoes event! So let’s look at some dancing shoes. The first pair, the pink Prada flats with the bows are my favourite, I just love them. But I get that they’re not for everyone, maybe you think they’re a little Minnie Mouse haha. In that case, here’s another great wedding flat from Vera Wang.


Photo 8 Photo 9


You’re a lucky lady if your future husband is as into shoes as you are but lets face it, he probably isn’t. That can be okay too though, maybe he’s assigned you as his personal stylist to select and purchase all his clothes! Here’s a great men’s shoe from Versace that I’m loving the look of.


Photo 10


Photo Credits:

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