Calgary Dietary Restrictions and Midnight Snack Challenge

Hey Brides and Grooms!

I am so excited about today’s post and I think you’ll all find this challenge really interesting to follow!

We’ve noticed that dietary restrictions are on the rise and our local wedding venues are in stiff competition to keep their menu options as appealing as ever ,even for those gluten free clients out there.

So I decided to approach certain venues throughout the city to see if their chef would be interested in creating a menu based on the most common dietary restrictions and as an additional challenge we thought, why not also show us your most innovative midnight snack!

The first menu that I want to showcase for you was created by Executive Chef Greg van Poppel at the Fairmont Palliser, located at 133 9 Avenue Southwest Calgary, Alberta.

Take a look at the inquisitive selections that were outlined specifically for this challenge and consider this a sneak-peek at just what the Fairmont Palliser could do for your big day! Remember, your venue is always willing to customize their menu options to meet your every desire whenever possible.

And if you are interested in hosting your wedding ceremony or reception at the Fairmont Palliser in downtown Calgary, be sure to contact Jenny Hytonen, Catering Manager at

The Fairmont Palliser – Dietary Restriction and Midnight Snack Challenge


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Wedding Dress Wednesday Feature: Monique L’huillier

Monique L’huillier has been my personal favourite for years, however, her Fall 2012 bridal collection does certainly stray a little from what has been traditionally her signature look.

When I think of Monique L’huillier bridal, I think of lace and tulle, usually in ivory and the fan favourite over the last couple years has definitely been two piece lace corset’s with full tulle and lace skirts. L’huillier has also traditionally used sashes, bows and broaches around waistlines in many different hues.

While certain characteristics remain the same with this collection, L’huiller states that the main difference was bringing more sensuality into the pieces. Her vision for this collection was a whimsical and soft look and therefore we’re certainly seeing more loose, flowing fabrics, high slits, sheer fabrics and silk organza.

While the collection does still include some of her signature lace looks it also has much more variety then previous collections. What L’huiller says remains consistent is the fit. Along with that, she doesn’t like a gown to seem “costume” and therefore doesn’t like to overwhelm with sparkle and glitz.

The full collection can be seen here:


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Xtreme Lashes from Inglewood Beauty Bar

Hey Brides,

Have you considered stopping by the Inglewood Beauty Bar to have lash extensions done before your big day?

I know we’ve all experienced a nightmare with false lashes but let me tell you, these are different.

Here’s some information to educate you on what I think is an awesome new trend!

The extensions are applied to the eyelash itself and do not make contact with the skin at all (so no chunks of glue will irritate your vision). Better yet, the extensions are actually applied to each individual eyelash. I’m sure you’re thinking that would take forever….well it takes a while, I’ll be honest but this method results in the most natural look. The application process is completely pain free and takes approximately 180 minutes ( 3 hours ) to complete the full set.

Your technician works with three different levels of thickness and length to achieve a completely natural look that feels real too!

So you may be wondering how long these last and what kind of a commitment it will become. Well, natural eyelashes grow and fall out in a cycle of 60 to 90 days. Here’s what is stated on the Inglewood Beauty Bar website:

“When lashes mature and fall out, a new lash quickly replaces the old. This is an ongoing process and our natural lashes are always in a state of staggered maturity. While some are growiing in, others are ready to shed. Our technicians are trained to apply xtreme lash extentions only to those lashes that are in the early-middle of this maturation process in order to maximize the amount of time the extensions will last. With proper care and maintenance, touch ups are only needed every 2 to 4 weeks to replace lashes that have shed. Our Xtreme Lash technicians will then add extensions to the newest eligable natural lashes to maintain a full lush appearance.”

A full set of lashes will cost you between $295 and $350 depending on the experience of the technician that you book with; while fills start at $85.00 and go up from there.

For more information on this new trend, check out the Inglewood Beauty Bar here:

The Inglewood Beauty Bar is located at:

1417 9 Avenue Southeast  Calgary, Alberta
(403) 287-9781


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Indochino is coming to Calgary!

Photo Credit:

At Firefly Occasions, we’ve been raving about the style and quality of Indochino for years and as of March, you can see for yourself just what we’ve been talking about all this time.

Photo Credit:

For those of you who may not know what Indochino is, they are an online custom menswear company providing “the modern gentleman with high quality menswear that fits your body perfectly.”

For the most part, the company serves their clients online and with a quick and easy 10 minute measuring system, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. However, they will be setting up a Traveling Tailor pop-up store between March 6th and 10th of 2012 right here in Calgary!

If you’re still looking for custom suits for your upcoming wedding I would highly recommend stopping by during this time.

They will be located at :

115 – 9th Avenue SE

Suite 162

Calgary, Ab.

Store hours will be 8:00am – 8:00pm and while walk-ins will be accepted, appointments can also be booked through their website by clicking this link:

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